June 23-26, 2021
10am to 5pm

Shop Hop by the Bay is a group of quilt shops who work together to promote our love of quilting and sewing. We bring our love of fabric to you, our customers and promote quilting and sewing to those who have never ventured into this creative process. We are passionate about what we do and celebrate this passion with our annual Shop Hop by the Bay.

Why Shop Hop?

Quilting is a passion and a shop hop exposes you to a wide variety of tastes, forms and styles. You and your friends can take this opportunity to visit shops you might not normally visit. Each shop has its own personality and each one carries a different assortment of fabrics, notions, patterns, and gifts.

In what other business would you find would-be competitors joining together to promote their unique wares? We do this to showcase our establishments and to say Thank You to our loyal customers for your support, friendship, and for sharing your love of quilting!

How does it work?

It’s so simple! Just pick up your official Shop Hop Passport at the first shop you visit. Tour the stores, have your passport stamped and pick up your free pattern and fabric piece at each shop. You can read more on our Rules page. And be sure to check out this year’s prizes!